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Photo Gallery

Dr. Ayres began working with elite athletes back in the mid 1990’s. At that time, if you were a world class sprinter you either trained in Raleigh, North Carolina or Los Angeles, California.

“The East Coast Chiropractor”

Dr. Ayres happened to be the chiropractor for athletes training in Raleigh. Before long, he was asked to join the medical staff of the United States Track and Field Team and became known as, “The East Coast Chiropractor,” as a colleague of his was taking care of the athletes on the West Coast.

While traveling around the world with the Unites States Track and Field team, Dr. Ayres has had the opportunity to visit some amazing places while working with some of the worlds best athletes. His travels have taken him to Europe, Asia and Latin America.

He would like to share some of these experiences with you via the photo gallery below. Enjoy!



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