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Auto Accident Care in North Raleigh

What Happens to Your Body in an Auto Accident?

In an auto accident, your body and spine are often subjected to violent force. This force can result in micro tearing of soft tissues. Then as your body is trying to heal, scar tissue can develop which leads to unnatural healing.

Chiropractic care can help reduce not only pain but also scar tissue to allow for more natural healing to occur. If you don’t seek chiropractic care, you’ll most likely develop scar tissue and experience reduced range in motion, accelerated degeneration and chronic pain.

If necessary, we’ll work with additional providers to help you make a full recovery. As everyone’s situation is different and everyone heals at a different pace, car accident injuries can take anywhere from three to six weeks up to six months in rare cases.

Auto Accident Care in North Raleigh

Seek treatment for your auto accident injury right away to ensure proper recovery and healing!

The Time Is Now

Many people waver back and forth before deciding if chiropractic care is right for them. Let us share with you the importance of seeking care right away:

  • Not having broken bones doesn’t mean you haven’t been seriously injured.
  • Drugs and painkillers will only mask your pain, not help you heal.
  • Corrective care will help prevent scar tissue and abnormal healing.
  • Protect your basic rights to receive the treatment you’re entitled to get before it’s too late!
  • You can trust our experience in treating soft tissue injuries.
  • Dedicated staff for personal injury clients
  • New Appointments scheduled within 24 – 48 hours

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Insurance Coverage

We work with insurance companies and attorneys to help you get the care you need most. When you arrive, please bring with you all the pertinent information possible such as the accident reports, adjustor names and phone numbers as this information will help us with our files and claims. We will bill the insurance company for you!

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What to Expect

Auto accident appointments usually last around one hour. If you’ve had X-rays taken, we’ll request them. If you haven’t had X-rays taken, and they are necessary, we’ll refer you to a trusted nearby facility.

To get to know how Dr. Ayres can help you overcome your auto accident injury, contact us today! You can heal, you can feel better and you can do it naturally.


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We’re honored to be your choice for auto accident care in North Raleigh!